(VIDEO) Soludo Will Run A Transparent, Open And Accountable Government


By Izuchukwu Adichie

Governor-elect Chukwuma Soludo is known for his financial prudence and credible management of resources, he believe in open and collaborative leadership. And to make sure Anambra work for the people, he has assured that his administration shall be committed to an unprecedented transparency, accountable and responsive government.

Soludo government once inaugurated will establish public trust, strengthen the system of participatory governance and wil ensure active collaborations among citizens. He will run his administration with a high level of openess by holding periodic Town Hall meetings with critical stakeholders, engage in strategic partnership and initiate Citizens’ Hotlines for engagements.

A Governor Soludo will lead by personal example, and mainstream the essence of government as servant of the people. His government will equally seek the most effective and efficient means to mobilize and deploy the resources of ndi-Anambra for the greater outcomes, and always benchmarking the efficiency of its service delivery to international best practices.

Yes, with a responsive public service under Soludo government, there is no reason requests/inquiries by citizens should not be responded to/concluded within 48 hours.

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