Policemen Shot A Man Inside 4matic 300 In Took Away His Lifeless Body 8n Asaba.


This happened this evening at DLA road Asaba as I was returning from office.

Policemen shot a young guy inside 4matic 300 car, carried away his dead body, arrested one and 3 ran away. They were 5 young guys inside the 4matic car as policemen were seen pursuing them with their Sienna car.

The guys were driving very fast along DLA road Asaba as police were seen pursuing them shooting at them, just close to falcon club junction, unfortunately, the guy driving hit a fence and the car stopped moving. The Policemen then stopped their own sienna car, opened fire on them, shot one of them and he died instantly, 3 of them ran away as police was approaching to them, they arrested one.

They carried the dead body of the guy they shot together with one of them alive and quickly drove away.

People gathered at the scene lamenting and crying against the killing of the young guy. People confirmed that they were innocent as they didn’t see any gun, illegal items or country banned goods with the guys. Their car is still packed at the scene as of 5:37 pm.

Pictures below…

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