The Young Engineers Entrepreneurship Club popularly known as YEEC Africa is calling on well-meaning Nigerians and Africans, philanthropists, religious leaders, business owners, working class citizens, industry leaders and the general public to support Youth Skills Festival Crowdfunding programme to raise 10 Billion Naira to Train & Establish 100,000 Indigent Youths across Nigeria in different specialised skills.

According to the President and Founder of the Club, Engr. Kingston Sylvanus (MNSE), with what is happening in the African continent and Nigeria in particular, it is now obvious that we need to take up our destiny in our hands. We must rise up to the occasion to deal with the triple barreled problems of Unemployablibilty, Unemployment and Lack of Funding bedeviling Nigeria and Africa continent.
For us at YEEC Africa, our vision for this Skill Festival is to raise and establish 100,000 youths who will be able to create jobs for themselves and to others so that we can gradually deal with unemployment and poverty in Nigeria and Africa. We believe that we can only achieve this by the contribution of spirited individuals to support and donate #1,000 NGN ($3) only ( This is the best way we can build a peaceful and greater society we all will be proud of.

Having seen the passion in the hearts of Nigerian youths to develop themselves, acquire skills, work to earn their own money, create jobs for others, build their own companies and grow their economic prosperity and how the means of achieving all of these has become very tasking, owing to the economic strangulation and natural exigencies vis-a-vis leadership challenges prevalent in the society, YEEC Africa has developed a tailored project framework that covers trainees selection, training, empowerment and engagement processes of the participants in the programme.
Part of the engagement programme for the trainees aside from internships, volunteering, employment, is the YEEC House of Industry.

Successful trainees will be subjected to a test-of-knowledge (TOK) after completion of trainings and those who have set themselves apart in character, skills and learning will be selected and sent to the YEEC House of Industry where they will be mentored, coached and funded for the period of six months in Tech Farm, Manufacturing Farm, GSM Farm, Food Processing Farm and Research Farm respectively. The aim is to raise medium scale industries that will produce jobs in other to fight poverty and insecurity in the society.

Therefore, we are using this medium to invite every well-meaning Nigerians and Africans to join us in this signature project. We know that everything in Africa and most especially in Nigeria is subjected to doubts and criticisms. But what is important to us is that we have to make a mark, contribute our little quota just as we have been doing over the years to make Nigeria and Africa work again. We cannot do it alone hence, the call for support, volunteers and partnerships.

To know more about YEEC Africa and the project, kindly visit and

Your contribution will help us achieve this great goal.

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