We Will Go To War If Southerners Wants To Use This #Endsars Protest To Remove Buhari – Shettima.


The leader of arewa consultative forum has Stated that the North will not hold their hand and watch southerners remove Buhari from power because of there thirsty desire to restructure the government. They didn’t restructure or remove Goodluck from power and fulani tribe never complained either.

Speaking to news men in Minna, SHETTIMA stated that the southerners are trying to cheat the North again as they did after the death of Yar-adua.

He stated the readiness of the North to an imminent war if the protesters demands for buhari’s resignation or an End to Nigeria.

In his words……

Since 1999, the south has been cheating us as regards to the office of the president.

When obasanjo was the president, nobody Disturbed him until after his complete eight years in office.

IMMEDIATELY our brother took over, they went against him until he died. Instead of using another northerner to complete his tenure, they forced Jonathan on us.

Now our brother buhari is in power again,they are using everything AGAINST him forgetting that we still have 8 years after his tenure to equal that of Jonathan and obasanjo.

The point is that we the northerners are not going to all it. We will go to war if the protesters ever demand for buhari to resign or an end of NIGERIA like some of them are doing in ANAMBRA STATE..


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  1. That drunken man doesn’t know the North no longer exist as long as they try to wipe out the North East Christians and Southern Kaduna indigenous tribes.

  2. Shettima is a toothless bull dog! He is still living in the past and needs to be reminded that the Housas of today are not the same as before. The awareness has been created and if they;Fulanis, starts any shit today, the Hausa will end it for them. This is not the fight of the southerners but rather Hausas vs Fulanis.#flushfulanioutofhausaland#EndBuhari#EndBritishfraud

  3. Udochukwu Anusiem on

    Shetima, don’t use war to threaten
    Easterners/southerners. We are no longer the analogue southerners you taught we are before. Be careful. You be surprised on what will happen if you start a war. We want equality in Nigeria or we divide to our three tribes Hausa yoruba& Igbo. Toothless bull dog Fulani is protected by u fo you know who protects Easterners and southerners.? Jesus christ. So let see.

  4. Look at this foolish Shettima saying that the south cheated the north, it seems this guy is daft or coward, since 1960 till date, how many Northerners had ruled Nigeria compare to the southerners? Even at present, from the post of President to other parastaltas,, NNPC custom, immigration, Army, what is the ratio of the northerners compare to the southerners, where are the resources coming from and the imbecile threatening the south with war, I have ever said, once the south unit to demand for breakaways from Nigeria, 100 north can’t stop it, and more over who are the northerners he is talking about, the middlebelt had woken up and realized that the core north was just using them and now wanted to eradicate them from their ancestral land. SHETTIMA and his foolish fellow better have a second before embarking on the journey of no return that will consume them

  5. He who did not know where rain has started beating him will never know when it stops. The cup of these Fulanis are full, equity and justice and fairness are what Nigerians needs.

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