DECAYED MONEY: Popular Politician Buried N850m In 2004, Died 2006, Money Found In 2020.


A new trending online video shows over 850 million naira hidden in a pit by an undisclosed popular Nigerian politician.

The politician buried the money in 2004, died in 2006 without informing his family members about the hidden huge amount of money.

Over the years, his family fell into financial distress. Thus, they sold their family house in order to recuperate financially without knowledge of the stacked millions of cash.

The new buyer then decided to renovate the house and in the process stumbled on the badly damaged naira currency stacked in old sacks. The money has become totally useless as they were sodden in moist and can’t be handled.

See video 👇👇👇👇👇

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  1. Hid bad money for what is a good lesson to all or fraudulent people that is exactly what will happen to all of them in Jesus Mighty name if they do not repent now b4 is too late

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