DANCE OF SHAME: Still On Anambra Monarchs And Prince Arthur Eze (See Videos).


By Nkemjika Obiechina

Arthur Eze, the controversial billionaire Prince of Ukpo has committed his resources to sponsoring insurrection against the government of Anambra state.

While many of his ilk employ their wealth to human and infrastructural development of their home states and the country at large, Prince Arthur Eze has busied himself with disbursing funds to cause social unrest and disharmony in Anambra state.

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The dust of his shameful outing with twelve traditional rulers, mostly from the central senatorial zone of Anambra state, yet to settle, he has yet bribed them with six million naira to denigrate Gov Obiano and renege against the zoning system subsisting in the state.

Click on the YouTube link below to see the video 👇👇👇

In a video from a meeting with the twelve monarchs in his Abuja home, recently, Arthur Eze was heard asking an assistant to get him ten million naira to bribe the traditional rulers with. “Tell him to send ten million naira and hurry before the bank closes, he instructed.

Going further, Arthur Eze asked the traditional rulers, as master to servants, “how many are you in number?” And in response to their answer, he stated disdainfully, “I’ll give you another six million naira to share.”

This was to prompt the traditional rulers to speak ill of Gov Obiano in a meeting which they planned to have with President Buhari in Aso Villa. The meeting was later turned down by the President.

But unashamed by the disgrace and humiliation suffered in Abuja when President Buhari denied him and the twelve monarchs audience, Arthur continued to sponsor vile schemes against Gov Obiano in defiance of President Buhari’s advice to seek reconciliation.

His plan in the short term is to utterly discredit the Obiano administration and wrestle power, by every means possible, from the ruling party, APGA, in the coming gubernatorial election in Anambra state.

In the long term and with the 2023 presidential election in mind, he plans to present himself to the Buhari led FG as the ‘Jagaban’ of the southeast geopolitical zone so as to impose himself as the sole coordinator and administrator of all political funding to the zone.

Arthur Eze’s recent incongruous posture and shameless vituperation against ndi Igbo, point offensively to this wicked plot. His mischievous parley with a few aberrant traditional rulers from Anambra state, including one suspended by the government of the state, reveals the vile scheme even more.

One wonders what Arthur stands to profit from abhorrent mischief. His wealth, especially in these dire times, should be channelled towards service to society and humanity. His vast connections within government circles should be employed positively to attract development to his community, state and indeed the entire southeast.

But Arthur Eze would rather sponsor vice and support destruction. Not one factory stands in his name in Ukpo, his community nor any job creating or revenue generating establishment built or attracted by him, sited anywhere in his local government area, Dunukofia or anywhere else in Anambra state.

When he embarked on the campaign to disparage Gov Obiano and dubiously manipulate a few traditional rulers against him, Arthur thought his plan perfected and foolproof. Little did he know he was on the fast lane to ignominy.

The monarchs are abandoning him and they have good reasons to. Having suffered untold humiliation in Abuja, they are singing discordant tunes, most seeking peace and safe landing with Obiano.

Hon. Nkemjika Obiechina writes from Awka-Etiti

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  1. Samuel Onwughalu on

    All the traditional rulers concerned in this devilish fellowship should be removed from their seats.
    So let there town union body start arrenging for a new and better rulers.

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