BREAKING NEWS: New President General Of Ohanaeze Ndigbo General Assembly Worldwide/ National Executives Emerges.


Barr. Basil Onyeachonam Onuorah

Barr Basil Onyeachonam Onuorah has emerged as the new President General of OHANAEZE NDIGBO GENERAL ASSEMBLY WORLDWIDE.

Onyeachonam is an indigene of Mmiata Anam in Anambra West LGA of Anambra State, the Principal Partner of ONYEACHONAM CHAMBERS, two time governorship candidate in Anambra State, philanthropist, author and a scholar of international repute.

Barr ONYEACHONAM in his inaugural address said that OHANAEZE NDIGBO GENERAL ASSEMBLY is not a factional body but the main Ohanaeze Ndigbo which is being restructured to exist legally as a lawful organisation, represent the interest of Ndigbo and be accountable to Ndigbo.

He maintained that it is a thing of joy to announce to Ndigbo all over the world that OHANAEZE NDIGBO is now registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission in Nigeria with the registration number RC N0:144918, and that OHANAEZE NDIGBO is witnessing its first formal inauguration as a lawful organization with corporate identity.

He further stated that as the apex Igbo sociocultural organisation, the newly inaugurated National Executive will provide the much needed unity, direction, guidance, advice, mentorship to the youths and political way forward for NDIGBO.

He made bold to state that come 2023 an Igbo man will be elected as the President of Nigeria.

The newly inaugurated National Executive wants the Federal Government of Nigeria to equitably address the genuine agitations of Ndigbo and also insisted that President Muhammadu Buhari must sit up to the current security challenges in Nigeria, most especially in Igbo land, to dissuade our Ndigbo from inevitable self-help.

The National Publicity Secretary of the organization, Hon Sir Chimzobam Kingsley Nnalue made the incorporation certificate available to the press and affirmed that this is the first time OHANAEZE NDIGBO GENERAL ASSEMBLY WORLDWIDE is registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission and has also gained the recognition of notable Igbo leaders, Federal Government of Nigeria, Charter of the United Nations and The Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR).

The Chairman Board of Trustees, His Imperial Majesty Eze Dr Kelly Nkeli Nzekwe said that he was one of the founding fathers of OHANAEZE NDIGBO GENERAL ASSEMBLY WORLDWIDE in 1976 and called on Ndigbo all over the world to join hands together and make OHANAEZE NDIGBO great again.

He said that the principal aim of the founding fathers then was specifically to unite Ndigbo and speak with one voice. He regretted that the organisation later lost its principal focus and degenerated to a political tool in the hands of some greedy politicians which created room to the formation of several Igbo organisations, due to lack of confidence in the affairs of Ohanaeze.

Eze Dr Nkeli stated that on the 25th of November 2019, some notable Igbo stakeholders visited his palace to discuss way forward on how to restructure Ohanaeze Ndigbo and give it a corporate legal status instead of merely existing as a pressure group and a political tool in the hands of few individuals.

He expressed his happiness that the newly inaugurated National Executive led by Barr Onyeachonam has given the organization the much needed legal status as a corporate personality and acceptability to Ndigbo.

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  1. I hope our Igbo brothers from South South are included e.g etchie, ikwere,ndoki,ndoni,Anioma, help unite the Igbo speaking groups.

    • Hon. Patrick Dike John-Woke Rivers, State. on

      The problems you people are having in uniting the Igbo region is that you only include south-south when you are addressing the press but you exclude us in the day to day activities of Igbo affairs,
      Please publish the list of your Executives let me view how far the south-south are being represented

      Thank You.

    • Dr. Tony Isizoh on

      I am solidly behind this new Ohaneze Ndigbo. The former group, led by Chief Nnia Nwodo was a mess. Chief Nwodo can not point at one thing that his Ohaneze Ndigbo has achieved.

      I sincerely thank Barr. Onyeachonam for the bold step he has taken to salvage the Igbo race. He should be courageous to take Ndigbo to the next level, bearing in mind that he should expect criticism at this infant stage of his administration.

  2. We do NOT want to be Nigeria’s President! We want the independent United States of BIAFRA!!!

    What is wrong with our people!

    • What’s happening Biko nu?

      I am confused, what about Nnia Nwodo’s Ohanaeze Ndigbo ? Is it not registered? This is a huge slap on the faces of these old men fronting themselves as Ohanaeze Ndigbo leaders. Shame!

    • I stand with you bro. The so called Ohanaeze should be dissolved completely and never emerged again. They have compromised and never regarded or respected anymore amongst us the youths and all the meaningful Igbo speaking regions.

    • Tochukwu Okonkwo on

      I think this guys played a fast one by registering this organization. And it begs to ask this question, does it mean that the “Ohaneze Ndigbo” headed by Chief Nnia Nwodo isn’t registered? Something is definitely to sitting right with me on this move by these guys. Or are they seeking some sort of relevance from the existing and well know body?

      • Emeka Oraelosi on

        Is it not better to discuss and aguee your points within Oheneze than to form a fresh organisation? And Igbo please learn from the past.

  3. This new Ohaneze Ndigbo General Assembly , is it the same Ohaneze Ndigbo that Nnia Nwodo was or is the President? Please I need clearification. Thank you.

  4. Chief Okwu Oguegbu. on

    Criminals, scammers, political harlots everywhere. Ndigbo think home! Nnia Nwodo or nothing.

  5. Jerry Okwuoha on

    From all indications , Nnia Nwodo and co-travellers has been parading empty Shell called Ohanaeze Ndigbo, it’s a pity.

    They ran this old Ohanaeze Ndigbo without registration with CAC ? Naivety is not a virtue.

    Nnia Nwodo and other gullible Ohanaeze members should que behind this authentic Ohanaeze Ndigbo body .

    • Tabugbo Arubalueze on

      Thanks bro. Leave those political jobbers. Ohanaeze is all Igbo encompassing. How can Igwe Kelly of Igbariam and Anam people say they have a new Ohanaeze. They are joker’s. Only Anambra West zone of Anambra State? I am from Anambra State. The only Ohanaeze we know is headed by Nnia Nwodo. Simple

      • Nwosu SamBen Mazi. on

        My candid advice is for Nnia Nwodo and co-travellers to join the moving train as he is operating on illegal platform.

        How could these group of old men be operating on a vain platform ?

        I am ashamed of Nnia Nwodo and group. They should not embarrass themselves, let them join this latest development and have unity and one voice.

        The authenticity of this whole thing is registration with CAC, fullstop.

        Please where can I find this new authentic Ohanaeze Ndigbo, I want to join.

  6. Where are we heading to Ndi Igbo, Nigeria or Biafra?
    We need to form a United front, agree and focus on one direction.

    • Dr. Patience Nwafor-Eze on

      It is clear that some of us (Igbos) either derive pleasure in tearing the Igbo unity in pieces for some reason or being paid by the Northerners to do so. This is an unfortunate development and must be discouraged if we want to move forward.

      The next President of Ohaneze Ndigbo is supposed to come from Imo State starts in his/her new position in December 2020 when Nnia Nwodo’s term will expire. Why this one again????

      Thank you.

  7. All these so called Ohaneze ndi ochi that’s imagine after one and other. They are all thieves and fraudulent set of people brethren. They are not there for us, rather than they there for their pockets and so called families of them. Meanwhile, they are all foolishly compromised, stupid and useless set of people which Nnia Nwodo was their head/President…

    • Dominic Franklin Ezechima Ndife on

      Afenifere, the Yoruba sociocultural group in Nigeria, Ariwa consultative Forum the Northern Nigeria Sociocultural group and Middle Belt Sociocultural group are not registered with Corporate Affairs Commission.
      My question is why registering this body with Corporate Affairs Commission ? .

  8. Pastor Felix A.E on

    United Will stand,let speak with one voice,let us respect elders not money. Let us trust in Lord God Almighty.

  9. I want to believe that this new group of Ohaneze Nd’Igbo unlike the one led by Chief Nnia Nwodo who sold out the Igbos will be focused & grounded for the progress of Nd’Igbo & Igbo land. The only credible Igbo organisation so far that I know has been the Alaigbo Development Foundation (ADF). So let this new Ohaneze team up with ADF to get us some respect. However, it’s time that Nd’Igbo left Nigeria & become a Sovereign Entity. Fight & get us BIAFRA.

  10. Tabugbo Arubalueze on

    Our people are so dumb. This thing called new Ohanaeze is a group of impostors and political jobbers. The organization only exists in the figment of their imagination.That you registered an organization in CAC doesn’t mean it has followership. You and your drunk friend can go register any organization and start bandying around. Ohanaeze that we know as Igbos is led by Nnia Nwodo. It has history. All these Otuocha Axis Anambra people should save us their drama.

  11. Igbo people, uour comments show how immature you all are. You people refused to grow up. Is this a course or what? I bet you all you are not making any headway with this chilfish attitude.
    The earlier you guysgrow up the better things become for you.

  12. Please if this is a joke, stop it. It’s not good for the image of Igbos. The composition of the executive have said it all about the characters of individuals behind this scam.

    Even if the Ohanaeze Ndigbo is not registered originally, we know which is the real one..

    You can’t play a smart one with the sensibilities of the Igbo man. These people should be called to order and made to understand that you can’t build something on nothing.

  13. The Igbos are the architects of their own problems. Unscrupulous and inordinate ambition should not make us to destroy the great foundation that others before us have laid. The Nina Nwozor led Ohanaeze Ndigbo has given its all to the service of the Igbo people. Dr. Nina Nwodo is a fine, urbane gentleman, in fact, one of the finest South east of the Niger by any standard of judgment. What is his fault and in what ways has he betrayed the Igbos? Is this the way this towering giant and intellectual colossus and fearless defender of the Igbo cause is going to be rewarded for all the years of his stewardship? That would be horrible to say the least. Has anyone followed his piercing and fearless speeches, his uncompromising indictment of the current Nigerian leadership for its alienation and emasculation of the Igbos from social economic participation? Does any of his detractors remember his speeches and appeals to the conscience of the nigerian leadership through our self serving National Assembly? With only six mounts to the end of his tenure of office, what has Dr. Nina Nwodo done wrong to deserve all the vituperations been poured on him? Just assuming the Nina Nwodo led Ohanaeze Ndigbo was not or has not been officially registered, does it detract from from the sleepless nights he has endured, multiple trips and speeches he and his leadership have made, multiple consultations they have made and are still making, and the insults they have suffered in the hands of fools unworthy to stand in the same forum with them in a more civilized setting . Wouldn’t the right thing to do if the Ohanaeze was not previously registered be to call the attention of the leadership to the aberration for rectification rather than to rush to register another Ohanaeze organization thereby exposing us to the ridicule of those we are trying to fight and fueling the self fulfilling prophecy of Igbo energy Eze. Who did this to us? Must we destroy in order to build? Do we have to destro others unjustly because we want to establish our own relevance and validity? May God help the Igbos who very much like the Jewish people of old killed the messiah that was sent for their salvation . It is criminal and unconscionable to throw away the baby with the dirty water. Nwachukwu, Uzoma Ben

  14. Ogueri Bernard OG. on

    This is a welcome development. Old and unregistered Ohanaeze Ndigbo led by Nnia Nwodo is partisan, they failed ndi Igbo woefully.

    We don’t need politifians, Ohanaeze Ndigbo should be apolitical but Nnia Nwodo failed in that aspect, he was hobnobbing with ndi Awusa fulanis.

    Now this is a new Dawn , we Igbo youths welcome this new development wholeheartedly.

    Let’s get it right.

    All we want is BIAFRA.

    BIAFRA or nothing!!!

  15. Dr. Patience Nwafor-Eze on

    My brothers and sisters, I understand that their so-called letter of incorporation has been retracted by CAC. Ndigbo, we need to be careful. Those of you jumping into jubilation with this unpatriotic development could be jumping from frying pan to fire. Is this how we are going to get Biafra? Enough of this stupidity and errant nonsense.

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