SENATOR VICTOR UMEH: Charity Without Bounds.


For clarity, the Church inset is located in Mamfe, Cameroon.

I insist the world, not just Nigeria, has so much to learn from the Igbo race. Beyond the umbilical attachment to the homeland, we are crafted by nature to be global citizens.

The other day, it was Osodieme Osodieme, the Wife of Anambra State Governor, in far away Houston smiling generously to charity. Today, it’s the Distinguished Senator Victor Umeh in some Cameroonian hinterland advancing the course of the Christian faith for a people whose only qualification for this favour is their humanity.

There are many more of such good works trademarking the Igbo itinerant nature. We are that “salt” described in the scriptures.

It takes us to make life tasteful.

Thanks to Senator Umeh for adding taste to the lives of our Nkimishi, Mamfe, Cameroon brethren.

– Mazi Ejimofor

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  1. Thank you Dr. Victor Umeh, ndi Anambra will forever be grateful to you, my leader.

    Happy father’s day, Ohamadike.

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