BREAKING NEWS: China Chases Nigerian Business Men Out Of Their Country (See Video).


According to reports made available to from

Nigerian citizens residing in China, the Chinese police has been allegedly forcing Nigerians out of their residence and shops after a mandatory 15days quarantine.

These Nigerians are business owners that reside in China while others are not residents but travel from Nigeria to China for business purposes. 

According to reports, amid Covid-19 pandemic, these Nigerians were rounded up and quarantined for 15days. After the mandatory quarantine, the Nigeria residents in China, on getting to their residence were thrown out by landlords aided by Chinese police. 

These Nigerians reached out to the appropriate authorities in China to ask why they were being treated in such manner,  but the authorities kept evading them and no reasonable answer was given. 

The President Association of  Nigerian community in China , Mr Ogbonna Maximus , tried several times to get the embassy but no one picked up his calls nor returned his call. 

As it stands now Nigerians in China are stranded, Chinese police chasing them along the streets of china with no where to go.  

Chinese residents in Nigeria and other countries are being treated fairly, so why then is the Chinese government frustrating our citizens in China, it is really absurd and inhumane. 

This is the same China the Federal government of 

Nigeria are planning to import into the country to help combat CoronaVirus .

The big question now is : does China mean well for Nigeria ? If the answer is yes, why chasing Nigerians out of China ?

They call on the federal Government of Nigeria to come to their aide.

 The video below shows Nigerians being chased away by the Chinese police

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